Program of Postgraduate Studies in

Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology)










1. General Info

The Program of Postgraduate Studies in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology) has been functioning since 1965. Since the academic year 2016-2017.

It is a two-year program of courses, leading to the Master of Science Degree (MSc) on the following two areas:

a) Electronic Circuits Technology (E.C.T.) and 

b)Electronic Telecommunication Technology (E.T.T.)

After fulfilling the MSc Degree, students may continue their studies on the pursuit of a PhD. 

Potential candidates for participating in the Postgraduate Program in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology), coming from Greek or foreign Institutions that are officially acknowledged by the Greek State, are from the following areas:

  • Physics,

  • Computer Science/Engineering,

  • Informatics,

  • Electrical Engineering,  

  • Electronics Engineering,

  • Telecommunications Science/Engineering

  • related areas (under certain circumstances).

The MSc Degree in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology), is officially acknowledged by the Greek Ministry of Digital Policy, Telecommunications and Media and its possession is required in order to acquire the Licentiate of A class Radioelectrologist.

The reformed program of postgraduate courses has been activated since the academic year 2016-2017

The courses are also framed by a programme of lectures carried out by invited professors and experts coming from Greece and abroad. Educational visits in several electronics and telecommunications companies and institutes are also a part of the activities in the course frame.

At least 20 of the industry's most rated companies have expressed their interest in educational interaction with the Postgradute Program, thus recognizing the high level of the education provided.

2. Organisation - Teaching Staff 

The directorship of the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology), is carried out by the General Assembly and the administrative constitutions of the Physics Department. according to the relevant legislation. Currently, the Director of Studies of the Postgraduate Studies in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology), is Professor Stylianos Siskos.

The teaching staff is comprised of professors, laboratory teachers and emeritus professors of the Department of Physics. The postgraduate programme as part of the academic cooperation with foreign and greek universities/institutes includes the undertaking of several courses by distinguished professors and researchers.


3. Evaluation

The evaluation procedure of the program as a whole, and of the content of each course in particular, includes two phases:

Internal: questionnaires filled in by students, and 

External: questionnaires filled in by executives from the industry, potential employers of our alumni. 

This procedure comprises of filing and analysing the data, along with keeping up to date with educational innovations and international effects, in order to continuously be on the front of competition.


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