Program of Postgraduate Studies in

Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology)


Program of Studies

Electronic circuits technology

Electronic telecommunications technology

The Program of Postgraduate Studies in Electronic Physics (Radioelectrology) leads to the Master of Science Degree (MSc) on one of the following areas: 

a. Electronic Circuits Technology (E.C.T.) and

b. Electronic Telecommunications Technology (E.T.T.)

After fulfilling the MSc Degree, students may continue their studies on the pursuit of a PhD.

The postgraduate courses are semestral and class attendance is mandatory. Minimum time needed for acquiring the MSc is four (4) academic semesters. 

In order to fulfill the MSc, one must acquire 120 ECTS. The distribution of credits for each course category is shown on the following table.

Basic Courses


Specialization Courses (obligatory)


Elective Courses


MSc Thesis (obligatory) 




Minimum duration of the MSc Thesis is two semesters. It is supervised by a member of the teaching staff and is examined by a three-member committee, one of the members being the supervisor. The grade of the MSc is the weighted average of the grades of all the courses and the thesis, with the weight of each course being equal to the corresponding credit.

The grade of each course is based on the performance of the student on:
1) Homework, 
2) Mid-Term Exams and 
3)Term Paper or a Take Home Exam and
4) Final exams, depending on the teacher's judgement.
The grades range from 0 to 10 and one has to score at least 6, in order to pass.
A student must cope satisfactory with each one of the
four aforementioned parts that the final grade of each course depends on, in order to get a passing grade. Will he/she fail, he/she is obliged to re-enroll for it (with all the obligations that come with this).

If a student has successfully completed relevant postgraduate courses, in the frame of another postgraduate program of an acknowledged university, he/she has the ability to have them acknowledged as part of the Program of Postgraduate Studies in Electronic Physics, by requesting it from the internal Committee.


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